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How to Convert Gas Dryer to Electric?

The benefit and rate at which a gas dryer dries garments make it a popular choice among home owners. Nevertheless, some individuals might still favor utilizing an electric clothes dryer over a gas one. Additionally, it prevails for people to transform their gas dryer right into an electric one, further showing the flexibility of clothes dryer alternatives offered to property owners.

However whether it is possible to convert a gas dryer right into an electric is the main concern right here. On the other hand, it is possible, because situation, you need to have to know how to convert gas dryer to electric precisely.

Because of this, completing this activity requires specialised technological knowledge and skills about the complete process. Understanding the procedures and actions required to convert a gas dryer to an electric dryer constitutes the method. If you don’t know this, switching from a gas dryer to an electric one could be complex and difficult.

Basically, to convert a gas dryer to an electric one, you must go from gas or butane to control. Before joining the dryer to an electrical outlet or wiring it into the home’s electrical technique, the gas line must also be blocked by closing off the gas collection valve and unplugging any gas lines that are connected to the dryer. To achieve complete and accurate conversion, the heating assembly, communications, sensors, and control sets must subsequently be modified.

To Convert Gas Dryer to Electric Step by Step Approach

To Convert Gas Dryer to Electric Step by Step Approach

You have to continue cautiously if you want to change from a gas to an electric clothes dryer. It will certainly be challenging, as you’ll have to replace the initial power source and also adjust the device as necessary. It is necessary to ensure that you take the needed precaution and understand the essential actions to achieve an effective conversion.

Let’s Start with the Actions

  • Purchase a 240V and single-phase circuit from a supply store in order to convert your gas dryer to electricity. Follow the user instructions to join the circuit to the gas dryer once you have it.
  • When installing the 240V circuit right into the gas dryer, realize not to cause any kind of damage. Be sure to secure the circuit with screws to avoid it from falling off the clothes dryer.
  • Currently attaching a cord to the 240V electric circuit is essential to conveniently attach the converted electric dryer to the outside electric outlet.
  • After connecting a cable television, you should attach the cable from the electrical outlet to a plug to attach it easily.
  • To ensure a tight seal, you should install a high-grade metal or plastic cap after blocking the gas line that provided the gas or butane gas to the clothes dryer. Without a gas foundation, air from the converted gas dryer could enter the converted electric dryer if the cap is not attached properly and also leaks, damaging the machine and also possibly causing it to stop working.tion of your gas dryer, you should readjust the required features as well as elements to electric ones. Describe the customer manual for advice on this procedure.
  • Checking out the gas dryer customer guidebook will certainly provide you an understanding of its heating assembly, controls, settings, as well as relays, along with the various sensors. With this knowledge, you can after that begin the conversion procedure.
  • Thoroughly explore each element of the gas dryer and adjust it appropriately to fit the electric clothes dryer. The conversion procedure can be taxing, so take your time as well as be thorough.
  • Once you have followed our steps to convert your gas dryer’s necessary components and features to electric. The clothes dryer prepares to be connected into an electric outlet as well as currently will certainly work on power.

Is it worth it to transform a gas dryer to an electric one? It is easily achievable, yet you ought to assess the advantages and disadvantages prior to deciding.

In the upcoming area, we will evaluate the service and contrast the benefits of a gas and also electric clothes dryer to assist you decide on which one to use after the conversion.

Major Differences

  • Gas as well as natural gas dryers use a gas burner that develops warmth.
  • Other than this, they run the like an electric clothes dryer.
  • One secret difference is the power usage that each kind of clothes dryer calls for.
  • A gas dryer usually sets you back fifty percent of what it sets you back to run an electric dryer.
  • Installation needs likewise vary in between these 2 sorts of home appliances.
  • The last point that varies in between gas and also diverse dryers are the price to purchase each kind.
  • As a whole, it’s less costly to purchase an electric clothes dryer than it is a gas model.

Distinctions In Installment Methods

Gas Design Dryers

Among the factors you might be attempting to transform your gas dryer to electric, is that your home doesn’t already have a gas line link.

Having a line installed can end up being costly due to the fact that the local energy business will certainly need to install the essential lines as well as connections to below ground natural gas lines.

If this holds true, you may wish to see if you can power the dryer utilizing fluid lp gas rather.

LP gas is saved in a big container on the property.

The good news is, there are sets offered to convert a natural gas dryer to a lp clothes dryer.

When it concerns these models, it’s highly recommended having a gas dryer mounted by a respectable specialist.

Electric Model Dryers

Electric clothes dryers are much easier to install. They just require to be connected into a 240-volt electrical outlet.

You’ll usually fin a sturdy electric outlet currently set up in the laundry room that’s specially assigned to particular breakers in the electric box to manage the clothes dryer’s energy requirements.

The electric clothes dryer has a large plug that contains either 4 or three prongs to fit the electrical outlet.

Occasionally the plug does not match the outlet. In which case, one of the elements must be changed.

The Ventilation System

Gas as well as electric clothes dryers both need to be vented to the outdoors to remove air that’s moist and also lint-filled.

Without a clothes dryer air vent, you would have a laundry room that’s filled with mildew and great deals of dust fragments airborne you’re taking a breath.

Furthermore, the air vent on a gas dryer tires out the products of combustion, which you certainly do not wish to breathe.

If you reside in an apartment, an electric dryer version is probably suitable for you considering that they are available in ventless variations.

This implies there’s no need for an exhaust to the air outside.

Most of these variations are compact, however they do sell full-size ventless clothes dryers too.

The Price of Transforming a Gas Dryer to an Electric

The Price of Transforming a Gas Dryer to an Electric

Converting a gas dryer to an electric one can be a pricey venture. Because instance, you will require to replace all the elements of the gas dryer, consisting of the burner, igniter, safety integrates, as well as also the burner tube.

This is due to the fact that the two clothes dryers operate at various temperature levels and also the safety and security fuses and heater tube layout are likewise incompatible. The cost of all the component substitutes and the essential adjustments can add up rapidly. Consequently, transforming a gas dryer to an electric one will not be profitable.

Unavailability of the Conversion Switch

The accessibility of a conversion switch to change a gas dryer right into an electric one would certainly make the process much easier and also quicker. Unfortunately, such a switch does not exist, leaving hands-on conversion as the only option. It can be a time-consuming procedure and also make transforming the gas dryer hard.

Knowledge of Circuitry Required

Transforming a gas dryer to an electric dryer is hard, as it calls for knowledge of device functions and circuitry. The gas dryer operates on 110V electrical energy, while electric clothes dryers require 240V. Attempting to convert the electric circuit of the gas dryer without the appropriate knowledge of circuitry as well as home appliance system is not recommended, as it can be difficult.

Expense Cost Savings of an Electric Dryer

Buying a brand-new electric clothes dryer is much more cost-efficient than transforming a gas dryer. Not just can you buy an electric dryer for a budget-friendly cost, yet you can additionally take pleasure in the comfort it provides. For that reason, converting a gas dryer is unneeded.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to The How to Convert Gas Dryer to Electric

Can you use a gas dryer without gas?

Both gas as well as electric garments dryers call for electrical energy to run, but gas dryers also require a gas hookup to create warm.

Is a gas dryer cheaper to run than electric?

Gas dryers run hotter than electric dryers, which lowers drying time and also prices gradually. For a regular family that dries 5 lots of laundry weekly, the typical electric clothes dryer will certainly cost, generally, $130 each year while the very same dryer in gas would cost regarding $85 annually to operate.

Which dryer is better gas or electric?

Generally, gas dryers are a lot more efficient than electric dryers. That’s in part because gas dryers warm up much more promptly and also create even more heat on the whole, which consequently dries clothing faster.

Are gas dryers as safe as electric?

An U.S. Customer Item Security Commission (CPSC) record on clothes dryers indicates that most clothes dryer fires are caused by extremely flammable dust accumulation. Electric dryers pose a greater danger of fire than gas as they create more warm.

Does a dryer waste a lot of electricity?

Contrasted to the majority of the appliances around your residence, your clothes dryer possibly eats a great deal of energy. This holds true of most heat-producing devices like your furnace, water heater and also stove. All clothes dryers use electricity to power a motor that turns the drum and a fan that blows hot air.

Does a dryer waste a lot of electricity?

Several property owners do not know that carbon monoxide is vented with your clothes dryer’s vent. The fumes that a gas dryer gives off threaten. If these fumes are not able to get away with the air vent, carbon monoxide will enter your residence. Carbon monoxide gas poisoning is fatal.

How long do dryers last?

Ten years, according to Customer Information; nevertheless, some dryer producers boast up to a 25-year lifespan. It’s important to remember, though, that clothing dryer life span goes together with how commonly the clothes dryer is utilized and how well you maintain the appliance.

Which type of dryers is most economical?

Heatpump clothes dryers are one of the most energy-efficient type. They make use of a closed-loop process where air is warmed, pressed with the garments, and after that cooled down, which drains the water. They are usually the most pricey dryer option, yet are the most energy reliable and also will save you money in the long term.

Do gas dryers shrink clothes?

Natural gas dryers fluff and also refresh your washables with much less wrinkling, shrinkage as well as fixed stick. These clothes dryers are gentler on materials since clothing are dried out more quickly at certain temperatures to appropriately vaporize water from the material.

What is the disadvantage of dryer?

Disadvantages of Garments Dryers

Garments dryers likewise placed a great deal of damage on your clothing, as discussed above. With some models, you may see your clothes begin to discolor or degenerate. With some materials, you ought to never use a dryer. See to it when you review the tag that roll dry is an option.

Is LG dryer gas or electric?

If you’re bringing home an LG gas dryer, it requires a separate gas hookup as well as clothes dryer gas line. If it’s an LG electric clothes dryer, it’ll call for a dedicated 240-volt electric circuit. For both kinds of clothes dryers, make certain you have all the needed parts, which includes a dryer power cable.


converting a gas dryer to an electric one can be an intricate procedure that needs mindful preparation as well as execution. While it is possible to convert a gas dryer to electric, it is essential to employ an accredited expert to do the job properly as well as securely. The conversion process involves getting rid of the gas components as well as replacing them with electric ones, along with making sure that the electric system is effectively based and fulfills regional building regulations.

Additionally, it might be necessary to set up a brand-new electrical outlet or circuit to fit the boosted power needs of an electric dryer. By taking the time to strategy and implement the conversion appropriately, you can delight in the advantages of an electric dryer, including increased power efficiency as well as minimized operating costs. Nonetheless, it’s important to weigh the expenses as well as benefits of the conversion and also think about whether it makes good sense for your details scenario. If you’re not sure about whether to convert your gas dryer to electric, consult with a qualified specialist for professional advice and also assistance.

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