How to Fix A Crack in A Plastic Bathtub? A Easy and Perfect Guide

Does your plastic bathtub have fractures? There’s no need to tension. Plastic bathtub crack restoration service is much more comfortable than you might wish. You might not need to replace it or spend hundreds on employing a professional to do the job. You can manage it yourself if the damages isn’t as well extensive.

Modern do it yourself fixing packages cover several different sorts of splits on plastic bathtubs. This post unloads everything you need to know about evaluating the repair work job, the materials you require for the task, and also a step-by-step overview to repairing your bathtub.

What Causes a Cracked Plastic Bathtub?

What Causes a Cracked Plastic Bathtub

If your plastic bathtub is breaking, it’s for among 3 reasons. The material is inflexible and also lacks support. It experienced damage from heavy things dropped on it, or aggressive cleansers compromised the framework.

Plastic is not a sturdy material, and brands utilize different manufacturing processes. Some bathtubs have thicker reinforcing, as well as others might utilize thinner layers, subjecting the bathtub to breaking faster than others. Gradually, tubs with thinner walls may see stress cracks beginning to form. In various other situations you’ll begin to deal with a peeling off bathtub.

Fractures will certainly begin to create, as well as if you go down something heavy in the bathtub when it’s dry, it could create splitting. Or the drop may create a divot or dent in the material, leading to holes as well as cracks over time. Utilizing highly unpleasant household cleaners like bleach to clean the tub might seem like an excellent suggestion to eliminate crud and also dirt rings.

It gnaws the gloss as well as the surface of the tub, enabling moisture to penetrate the products. At some point, the tub products lose strength as well as resilience, causing the development of splits. Leaving them unattended methods they intensify in time, causing damages that might create leakages.

Sorts Of Bathtub Cracks

We can identify the sorts of splits in your plastic bathtub right into two classifications.

Hairline Cracks

A hairline crack arise from consistent usage and also misuse on the tub. At some point, this actions compromises the strength of the product, resulting in small, slim splits.

Gradually these fractures will certainly ruin the general honesty of the bathtub. The good news is, a do it yourself repair service kit is all you require to repair these fractures and also recover your plastic bathtub before they create bigger troubles.

Stress and anxiety Cracks

Stress and anxiety fractures develop in our plastic bathtub when you inadvertently go down hefty items, like that big bottle of bubble bath, onto the bathtub. Normally, these fractures are at the surface area level, making them simple to fix.

Go to the residence improvement store as well as purchase a do it yourself set for reconstructing your plastic bathtub. It’s easy to use, and you can obtain your bathtub appearing like brand-new, preventing further damages.

How Do I Establish My Bathtub Material?

Many kinds of bathtubs that aren’t made of ceramic or porcelain materials are made with either acrylic or fiberglass. If you require clarification on what product you’re dealing with, send out a video clip of the crack to your neighborhood handyman and also inquire for their viewpoint.

If you don’t intend to call the handyman, you might look DIY repair service websites for even more instances of plastic bathtubs past what we have here. Likewise look for “acrylic bathtubs” and “fiberglass bath tubs” as they’re similar yet not the specific very same, though the repair work process will certainly be.

You’ll discover alternatives like fiberglass strengthened plastic (FRP), gelcoat or lascoat, as well as vikrell. Every one of these are developed in the very same fashion by home heating, molding, and also healing plastic, though they’ll be coated and consisted of differing chemicals to bring various advantages. These bathtub options crack the exact same and also call for the same repair services, though.

A Step-by-Step Overview to Plastic Bathtub Crack Repair Work

When your DIY set prepares, it’s time to fix the bathtub. Follow this detailed overview for the very best results with your fixing job. This is how to fix a fractured plastic bathtub:

Analyze the Crack Severity

Hairline and also tension cracking needs surface repair work. If the cracking is comprehensive, call a professional if you’re uncertain if the tub is salvageable. The bigger the damages, the more recognizable your repair work job will certainly seek utilizing the do it yourself repair set.

DIY repair work packages have constraints, and also calling a handyman or expert repair service assists you prevent a sub-par fixing causing water leaks. You’ll need to consider up the cost of repair service versus a replacement. Think about the initiative, time, as well as repair service package price prior to trying the job.

Purchase the Right Plastic Bathtub Crack Repair Kit

Numerous DIY plastic tub fixing items are readily available from your neighborhood hardware seller and online from and also Walmart. Selecting the appropriate kit for your bathtub is very important, or the repair material will not bond correctly, leading to a fallen short repair work.

You’ll need to recognize if you have a plastic or fiberglass tub. Both kinds have various epoxy fixing kits. Kits can be found in various designs. Some are full with every little thing you need to do the task, as well as others might only include basics like epoxy material. We suggest choosing a complete package.

You’ll require applicators, safety handwear covers, and sandpaper to end up the task. If you don’t have all that handy, think about obtaining a total set with everything you need.

Tidy the Plastic Bathtub

Get rid of debris and also dust from around the broken location of the bathtub. Sand the cracks making use of 140-grit sandpaper to break out the debris as well as fractures. Proper cleaning is necessary to guarantee a clean surface area for the epoxy resin to stick to.

It’s important to get rid of all soap and also gunk before using the resin. Falling short to cleanse it correctly suggests the epoxy won’t stick. Use a massaging alcohol item to aid you obtain the cleanest finish feasible. After washing, allow the externals to completely dry.

Cover & Protect the Fittings & Fixtures

If you have splits around the drain, cover the drain and also any other surrounding fixtures with masking or electric tape to stop damages throughout the repair procedure.

Develop the Filler Trick

The repair compound should comply with the surface appropriately. Cut a 1mm to 2mm groove along the crack utilizing a thin razor blade. This laceration supplies a key for the epoxy material to stay with.

Prepare Your Crack Fixing Agent

Your DIY repair service package includes an epoxy resin or a filler putty. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for blending the epoxy as well as the activating substance. After blending, you just have a hr or two to work with it prior to it becomes unrestrainable.

Apply Your Fix

Spread the epoxy or filler right into the trick you cut around the crack. Some packages might feature stick applicators or a syringe for the job. Produce a smooth surface to aid with sanding.

Let the Filler Dry

Follow the maker’s standards for drying out as well as treating times for the material. If you sand the area before the filler remedies, you take the chance of removing it or harming the honesty of the fixing. The treatment time can vary from two to 24 hr, depending upon the production brand.

Sand & Gloss

Use 180-grit sandpaper to sand down the repaired surface to a smooth, sleek surface. The repaired location needs to be flush with its surroundings. You ought to duplicate actions 7 & 8 if the fixed location isn’t flush.

To help you get a flush surface area, do not use any kind of powered kinds of sanders, duration. You don’t intend to make use of any type of rounded surface areas to wrap your sandpaper around nor do you wish to utilize your bare hand or fingers. Wrap the sandpaper around a level piece of timber. This will certainly develop a broader, flat sanding surface that will certainly lead to a flatter, smoother ceiling surface when you’re done.

Repaint if Appropriate

The crack repair work ought to match the rest of the tub. If your bathtub is another color besides white, acquire a color-matched do it yourself fixing kit to obtain the excellent finish. Making use of a color-matched set stops the need for repainting the plastic bathtub after the repair. If the repair service kit isn’t color-matched, assimilate a pigment or acquire specialist bath spray paint to blend the crack repair flawlessly.

How much Does It Price to Fix a Plastic Bathtub?

How much will you spend fixing the fractures in your bathtub? It depends if you select to select a do it yourself repair or if you select to work with an expert. You’ll require to hire a specialist if you don’t have handyman experience or the thought of doing the repair service on your own seems daunting.

Specialist Plastic Bathtub Crack Repair Service Costs

Specialist Plastic Bathtub Crack Repair Service Costs

Employing an expert handyperson to repair as well as redecorate your plastic bathtub can cost $80 to $120 per hr. The majority of ought to be able to fix it in two or five hours, depending on the extent of the fracturing as well as if you prefer a reglazing. Expect to pay service charge and also tax obligations also, completing in between $275 to $600 bucks.

They’ll likely need to do the job in two stages. They prep the surface area, include the filler, and after that return the complying with day to sand a paint it after the material dries out.

Employing a handyperson guarantees you obtain a specialist finish to the work and an assurance on the work. If the cracks open again or the tub leaks, they’ll have to renovate the fixing. Additionally, if they harm the drain or anywhere on the tub, they’re responsible for the repair expenses, not you.

You have a lot of choices for hiring specialists online. Guarantee you select a person or a firm with a good online reputation. Look at what individuals are saying regarding them on the internet before hiring their solutions.

Do It Yourself Plastic Bathtub Crack Repair Kits

A DIY plastic bathtub repair work is comfortable if you have handyman knowledge. You have choices for surface area and inner fixing kits. Typically, you’ll pay around $30 to $40, making it a lot more budget-friendly than hiring a specialist.

Plastic Bathtub Crack Fixing Made Easy

If you have comprehensive breaking in your tub or it’s dripping, it might be time to call a specialist fixing solution or take into consideration buying a new one. If you’re uncertain what to do, call a specialist in your area for suggestions. If the crack is little as well as convenient, by all means, follow our plastic bathtub crack repair service procedure above.

How to Seal a Cracked Bathtub Yourself

1. Stop the Crack –At the end of each crack, drill a 1/4 inch opening, this is known as a ‘stop-drill’ hole.

2. Fill the Crack- Using a 2-part polyester filler, mix according to instructions and use the filler to the crack with a tidy rubber spreader till the stop-drill openings and also the fractures are completely filled-allow the filler to dry prior to proceeding.

3. Sand the Filler –Once the filler has dried out, sand it down with light sandpaper. Rub gently up until the surface area matches with the remainder of your bathtub. As soon as completed, wipe the surface area with denatured alcohol to prepare it for spraying.

4. Spray the Complete –Utilizing your bathtub repair service paint, spray a light coat as well as allow it to dry before including more coats as necessary.

5. Buff the Tub- To finish your bathtub, you will require a vehicle gloss urethane substance. Put on give it a harder coating as well as feather the edges of the paint.

Your bathtub is an important part of your bathroom room, so please, make sure to effectively preserve it as well as make certain to fix splits as well as various other imperfections as you see them, or else you may have a bigger issue looming over you down the road.

Conclusion: How to Fix A Crack in A Plastic Bathtub

In the end, mending a fracture in a plastic bathtub is a simple process that can be completed without the need for professional aid or the replacement of the entire bathtub. Hairline cracks and stress cracks can be easily repaired with do-it-yourself repair products created exclusively for plastic bathtubs. 


There are many questions asked by how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub users that are mentioned below:

How do you seal a crack in a plastic bathtub?

Cover any type of fractures larger than 1/4 inch with a layer of fiberglass fit together that covers each side of the crack by a minimum of a fifty percent inch. Cut the mesh to fit with an utility blade and place it over the crack.

How do you fix a crack in a plastic tub surround?

Dealing with the issue area involves applying a two-part epoxy substance that hardens to the toughness of the bordering product. With general-purpose kits, standard colorants can assist bring the color of the patch closer to the shade of the shower or tub, however the color match is rarely best.

Can you repair a crack in an acrylic bath?

The Bathroom Repair service Package will repair Chips, Cracks, Dents, Splits, as well as even openings in the surface area of baths as well as trays, as well as any other acrylic and stone resin material.

Why is my plastic tub cracking?

There are three major reasons why cracks often tend to create in, bathtub materials which is absence of support or if the product is adaptable, damages from heavy objects and also damage from heavy cleansers.

What is the best glue to repair a bath?

If you have a project that needs void bonding or dental filling, surface repair services or laminating, the most effective glue for porcelain or ceramic repair services will be an epoxy. An epoxy includes two parts: resin and hardener.

How long should a plastic bath last?

They’re also lightweight, really long lasting, and also require less maintenance, unlike other products. Acrylic is generally used to form seats, headrests, whirlpool jets and various other molding details for tubs. Acrylic bathtubs are very simple to mount and have a life expectancy of 10-15 years.

Can a crack in a bathtub cause a leak?

Fractures in the bath are even more of a worry than the displeasing aesthetics – you can nearly ensure that if you have a crack in your bathroom, that it’s dripping water to the foundations listed below. Cushioning material is frequently put underneath the bath, which is where water can pool with crack with leakages.

Are plastic bath tubs safe?

Acrylic tubs are completely safe and have no negative health and wellness impacts.

How do you find a crack in a bathtub?

Some splits can be as fine as a hairline yet still cause trouble. The easiest means to examine is to fill up the tub with water and also turn off the tap. Then look carefully at the water for any kind of areas that appear to be sucked down. If you do observe a crack, you can repair it by purchasing a repair work package.

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