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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your House with a Green Roof

You’ve decided on a green roof for your home. Awesome choice! A green roof is not just eco-friendly; it’s incredibly stylish and unique too. But now you’re faced with another big decision: What color to paint house with green roof?

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The Impact of Roof Color on Home Aesthetics

How Your Green Roof Choice Can Transform Your Home’s Appearance

First things first, let’s talk about how important your roof color is for the overall vibe of your home. A green roof is a bold statement in itself—it shouts ‘environmentally conscious’ and ‘innovative’ before anyone even steps inside. But a roof is like the hat of a house. And would you wear just any hat with any outfit? Probably not, right? The color of the walls, the trim, and even the landscaping must work in harmony with the roof for a truly eye-catching look.

The Importance of a Harmonious Color Scheme

Now, you may wonder, why does the color scheme matter so much? Well, think of your house like a well-curated Instagram feed. Each post may look good on its own, but it’s when everything works together that the feed becomes a showstopper. A coordinated color scheme adds a level of polish and sophistication that mismatched colors simply can’t achieve. Besides, it’s not just about visual harmony; the right color combinations can also affect your mood. Can you imagine coming home to clashing colors every day? No, thank you!

And that’s just a sneak peek into the fascinating world of color selection for your house with a green roof! Choosing the perfect color is not only about aesthetics but also about creating a living space that resonates with your lifestyle and personality. So stay tuned, because we’re about to delve into some really cool color options that will make your green roof pop!

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12 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Houses with Green Roofs

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s dive into the fun part: picking the paint! The idea here is to choose a color that not only complements your green roof but also elevates your home to the next level of awesomeness. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Exploring the Top Paint Color Options That Complement Green Roofing

  1. Gray: Neutral but far from boring, gray gives you a canvas that pretty much supports every other color. It’s the Swiss Army knife of paint colors.
  2. Beige: Warm, inviting, and timeless—need we say more?
  3. White: For a crisp, clean look that pairs well with pretty much anything, including your green roof.
  4. Cream: Think of it as white’s more laid-back cousin. It’s neutral but adds a bit more warmth.
  5. Tan: If you want something warm but not too dark, tan’s your guy.
  6. Lavender: For those who love a touch of whimsy, lavender and green are basically BFFs in the color world.
  7. Brick Red: Earthy and robust, this color is perfect if you’re going for a traditional look.
  8. Light Brown: Think of a chocolate chip cookie. Yeah, it’s that comforting and goes great with green.
  9. Pink Accents: For the bold and the brave, light pink accents can make your green roof pop.
  10. Ivory: Picture the soft glow of a pearl; that’s what ivory can bring to your home’s exterior.
  11. Deep Purple: Go bold or go home, right? Deep purple can create a stunning contrast.
  12. Alice Blue: For a beachy, coastal vibe that feels like an endless summer.

The Visual Effects and Appeal of Each Color Choice

Imagine your home as a canvas, and your paint choices are like the brushstrokes that bring it to life. But how do these colors actually look when paired with a green roof?

  • Gray and Green: This combination offers a modern and balanced look. Think of it like your favorite pair of jeans—reliable, chic, and goes with everything.
  • Beige and Green: Picture a cozy cottage in the woods; it’s rustic, warm, and welcoming.
  • White and Green: Imagine freshly fallen snow against evergreen trees; it’s crisp, clean, and ever-so-inviting.
  • Cream and Green: Visualize a vanilla ice cream cone with a scoop of mint chocolate chip—pure bliss!

I bet you’re starting to visualize your dream home already, aren’t you? The paint color you choose can make a world of difference. It’s like picking the right filter for a photo; the base is already good, but the right adjustments make it spectacular.

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The Versatility of Gray: A Neutral Canvas for Green Roofs

Ah, gray—the underrated color that’s surprisingly full of possibilities. You might be thinking, “Gray? Really? Isn’t that a bit dull?” But hang on a minute, and let’s explore why gray could be your go-to color.

Gray and Green: A Subtle Elegance

How Light Gray Exteriors Can Balance Your Green Roof

Imagine you’re at a sophisticated dinner party. The green roof is that guy in the room who’s cracking all the jokes and charming everyone—definitely the life of the party. Light gray, on the other hand, is like the elegant backdrop, creating an environment where Mr. Green can shine but not overpower. When paired together, they strike a balance that’s easy on the eyes and incredibly inviting.

Creating a Soft and Peaceful Atmosphere with Green and Gray

Ever walked into a room and felt instantly calm? That’s the kind of vibe a gray and green combo can create. It’s like that soothing playlist you put on after a long day; it just sets the mood right. The gray absorbs and nullifies the excess vibrancy of the green, giving you a home that feels peaceful and balanced. Ah, serenity!

Playing with Contrasts: Dark Gray and Black Trim

Achieving High-Contrast Style with Dark Gray or Black Trim

Want to kick it up a notch? Dark gray or even black trims can add an entirely new layer of depth and sophistication to your home. This is like adding a smoky eyeliner to your everyday makeup; it’s a simple touch but creates a dramatic difference. The dark trim acts like a frame, outlining your green roof and making its color pop even more.

Classic Versus Bold Exterior Looks

When considering dark trims, you’ve got options. Going classic? A uniform dark gray trim will do the trick. But if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not throw in some black? It’s like going from classic rock to hard rock—you’re keeping the essence but adding a touch of boldness.

Alright, are you warming up to gray yet? As you can see, it’s far from boring. It’s versatile, elegant, and can be a perfect companion to your green roof. Would you agree?

Would you like to explore more color options?

Timeless Beige: Blending and Standing Out

Okay, let’s shift gears a bit and talk about beige, a color often deemed “safe” but let’s face it—it’s a classic for a reason. What can beige do for your green-roofed abode?

The Charm of Beige: A Subdued Blend with Green Roofs

How Beige Blends with and Enhances Green Roofing

Picture yourself in a cozy cabin, tucked away in a forest. The outside of the cabin is a beautiful beige, blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature. That’s the kind of harmony beige and green can bring to your home. It’s like bread and butter, simple yet satisfying in every way. Beige tends to pull out the warmer undertones in a green roof, creating an overall feeling of warmth and hospitality. Your home becomes that friendly neighbor everyone loves to visit!

Achieving a Rustic and Inviting Look with Beige

Going for that rustic, farmhouse look? Beige could be your best bet. It has this amazing ability to add a touch of antiquity, making your home feel lived-in but in the best way possible. It’s like that comfortable pair of worn-in boots—vintage, stylish, and oh-so-comfortable. Add some wooden accents or even some stone features, and you’ll have a home that looks like it stepped right out of a country living magazine. How cool would that be?

A Fresh Approach: Cream and Chrome Accents

Modernizing Your Home with Cream-Colored Trim and Chrome Roofing

But wait—beige and its variants aren’t just for rustic lovers. If you’re more into the sleek, modern look, consider going for a cream-colored exterior with chrome accents. Imagine your home looking as sophisticated as a luxury car; that’s the kind of modern elegance cream and chrome can offer. Cream, being a lighter variant of beige, offers a more modern aesthetic, especially when combined with metallic accents. It’s like adding a sleek watch to a casual outfit—it’s a minor change but adds a whole new level of sophistication.

Neutral Colors that Work Well with Exterior Decorating Schemes

Remember that beige, cream, and their variations are neutrals, which means they work well with pretty much any exterior decoration you might be considering. Planning a garden full of colorful blooms? Or maybe a stylish patio setup? These neutral tones serve as a perfect backdrop, allowing other elements of your home to shine. It’s like having a solid bassist in a band; they might not be the center of attention, but they make everyone else sound better.

So, are you team Beige yet? Or maybe a Cream convert? Either way, these timeless neutrals can bring a lot to the table—or should I say, to the house!

Feeling inspired or still mulling it over? Would you like to continue exploring the color wheel?

Classic White: Creating Bold Contrasts

Ready for a palette cleanser? Nothing does that better than white. Now, you might be thinking, “White is just…white. What’s so special about it?” Ah, don’t be fooled! Let’s peel back the layers and discover the magic of this timeless hue.

The Drama of White and Green Combinations

The Striking Contrast of White Exteriors with Green Roofing

Think of a green field covered in snow, how the white amplifies the green, making it pop like never before. That’s precisely what a white exterior can do for a green roof. The contrast is so stark, it’s like taking a sip of black coffee after biting into a sugary doughnut. Suddenly, everything comes into focus. Your green roof becomes the star of the show, and your home turns into a modern masterpiece.

Making a Statement with Bright Colors and Patterns

Ever thought of white as a blank canvas? It’s the ultimate background for introducing other colors or patterns. Want to add some red shutters? Or how about a vibrant door in aqua or yellow? With white, the sky’s the limit. It’s like having a basic wardrobe that you jazz up with funky accessories—those green shoes never looked so good!

Fresh and Timeless: A Palette of White and Green

Maintaining Your Home’s Feel While Refreshing the Look

Going with white doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a monochromatic look. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. White acts as a fresh base, allowing you to change up your decor without repainting the entire house. Today you can add pink flamingos to your yard, and tomorrow you could go for a minimalistic Zen garden. Your home will still look fabulous, no matter what. Isn’t that like having a Swiss Army knife in your design toolkit?

The Versatility of White as a Neutral Backdrop

You know that little black dress that goes with everything? Well, in the world of home exteriors, white is that dress. It’s versatile, timeless, and always in style. Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or plan to stay for decades, a white exterior is a reliable choice that will stand the test of time. So, can you go wrong with white?

So, is white the “new black” for your home? Could it be the secret sauce that makes your green roof stand out like a Hollywood star on the red carpet? One thing’s for sure: white is anything but boring. So, are you ready to take the plunge?

Still wondering what your dream home could look like? Stay tuned for more color-inspired ideas!

Cream: Contrasting Elegance with Green Roofs

So we’ve talked about gray, beige, and white. You’re probably wondering, “Is there a middle ground?” Say hello to cream, the elegant middle child in the family of neutral colors. So, what makes cream so special?

Creating Striking Contrasts with Cream

How Cream Can Contrast Beautifully with a Green Roof

You know that feeling when you add a splash of cream to your coffee, and suddenly it’s a whole new experience? That’s what cream can do for your green roof. Unlike stark white, cream offers a touch of warmth, giving your home a welcoming, vintage feel. It’s that slight hint of yellow that plays well with the green, like the mellow notes in a jazz duo—each bringing something unique but harmonious to the table.

Combining Cream with Green Shutters or Trim for Enhanced Charm

You’ve got your cream exterior and green roof. Now, what about those finishing touches? Consider adding green shutters or trim to complete the look. It’s like adding a matching belt and shoes to your outfit; it pulls everything together in a cohesive and charming manner. Can you see how your home becomes the talk of the neighborhood?

Cream in Interior Design: From Classic to Modern

Adapting Cream to Various Interior Design Schemes

Cream isn’t just a one-trick pony. Oh no, it can wear many hats (or should I say, coats?). From classic and cozy to modern and chic, cream can be tailored to suit your interior design aspirations. Imagine it as your favorite playlist; it has a mix of songs that can set any mood you’re looking for. Now, isn’t that something you’d want for your home’s palette?

Achieving a Cohesive Look Inside and Out

Let’s not forget, your home’s exterior is the first impression, but the interior is where the heart is. Using cream both outside and inside creates a fluid transition, making your living space feel unified and whole. It’s the same kind of comfort and familiarity you feel when your favorite song plays on the radio—timeless and heartfelt.

Ready to go for cream? Or still contemplating whether it’s the right choice for you? Remember, cream offers the best of both worlds: the crispness of white and the warmth of beige. It’s like having your cake and eating it too—and who wouldn’t want that?

What’s up next, you ask? Get ready to add some color to your life! Stay tuned.

Lavender and Green: A Complementary Palette

Feeling a bit daring? Want to step away from the neutral zone? Enter lavender—the trendy color that’s making waves in home design. Why lavender, you ask? Read on to find out.

A Perfect Match: Lavender and Green Exteriors

Why Lavender Complements Green Roofs Elegantly

Ever strolled through a lavender field? Remember how the soft purple blooms seemed to dance with the surrounding greenery? That’s the magic of pairing lavender with green. Lavender provides a striking yet surprisingly harmonious contrast to a green roof. It’s like adding a twist of lime to your gin and tonic—unexpected but oh-so-refreshing.

The Visual Impact of White Walls, Green Roofs, and Colorful Flowers

But what if you’re not ready to commit to lavender walls? No worries. How about white walls, a green roof, and a splash of lavender in your garden? Imagine your home as a canvas where the roof is the sky, the walls are the earth, and the garden is a blooming wonderland. Could you ask for a better balance?

A Calming Combination: Lavender and Green Interiors

Creating a Soothing and Relaxing Living Space with Lavender and Green

Stepping inside a home with lavender and green interiors is like walking into a spa—immediately soothing and uplifting. Why? Lavender has a calming effect (that’s why you find it in so many lotions and sprays!), and green symbolizes renewal and growth. So whether it’s your living room or your bedroom, this color duo can turn any space into a sanctuary. Would you like your home to be your personal retreat?

Ideal for Reading, Entertaining, and Unwinding

We all have our own way of unwinding. Maybe you like to dive into a good book, host an intimate gathering, or simply relax with a cup of tea. The lavender and green palette creates the perfect backdrop for these activities. It’s like having a playlist that fits all your moods, setting the right vibe for whatever you’re up to.

So, what do you think? Is lavender and green the extraordinary combo you’ve been looking for? Or perhaps it’s inspired you to consider other bold pairings. One thing is for certain: when it comes to color, don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Earthy Elegance with Brick and Green Roofs

Tired of paint and craving something more textured? How about brick? Yep, you heard right—brick walls and green roofs are a match made in heaven, or should I say, a match made in a very stylish architect’s blueprint. Let’s dig into this earthy choice.

Brick as an Earthy Choice for Green Roofs

Designers’ Preference for Brick to Achieve an Earthy Look

When you think of earthy, you think of elements that bring you closer to nature, right? Brick has this raw, earthy feel that many designers absolutely love. Picture your green roof as a lush meadow, and the brick walls as the surrounding terrain. Doesn’t that instantly transport you to a tranquil countryside setting?

The Role of Brick Color in Setting the Tone for the Whole House

Brick isn’t just ‘brick red.’ From deep mahogany to soft terra cotta, there’s a whole spectrum out there. The color you pick can seriously amp up your green roof game. Think of it like choosing the right filter for your Instagram post; it can totally change the mood.

Welcoming Warmth with Red Bricks and Green Roofing

Creating a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere with Dark Brown Brick

How about dark brown brick walls with your green roof? It’s the architectural equivalent of a warm hug. This combo makes your home feel like a permanent autumn retreat. Dark brown and green can conjure the feel of a secluded cabin in the woods, a place where you can enjoy a cup of cocoa by the fire. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that every day?

Ideal for Family Homes and Entertaining

Let’s face it; some color combinations are more ‘family-friendly’ than others. And the brown-green combo is as family-friendly as it gets. It’s like the comfort food of color schemes; it appeals to everyone. From summer barbecues to winter get-togeters, your home will always be in season.

So, is brick your final answer? Or has it got you thinking about even more possibilities? In the colorful world of home design, options are never in short supply.

Stay tuned; we’ve still got more shades and combinations to explore!

Tan: Versatility for a Warm Environment

Ready for something that can be both cozy and sophisticated? Let’s talk tan! If you’re all about versatility and you want to create a warm, inviting backdrop for your green roof, this one’s for you. Buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of tan!

Tan for Warmth and Versatility

How Tan Can Create a Warm Atmosphere with Green Metal Roofs

Ever notice how a tan suit can make anyone look more inviting yet incredibly dapper? The same principle applies to your house. Pairing a tan exterior with a green metal roof is like throwing on a cashmere scarf on a chilly day—it elevates everything. A green roof can feel cool and organic, while tan walls give off warmth and sophistication. It’s the latte to your morning, the candle to your bubble bath. See what I mean?

Pairing Tan with Cool, Calming Tones for Balance

But what if you want to spice things up a bit? You can pair tan walls with cool, calming tones for the doors and trims. It’s like adding a burst of mint to a rich chocolate cake. The cool tones balance the warmth, making your home feel both cozy and refreshing at the same time. Ever try those mint chocolate ice creams? Yeah, it’s that good!

Choosing the Right Shade of Tan for Sun-Exposed Areas

Ensuring the Durability of Tan When Used in Sun-Exposed Areas

Choosing the right shade isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about durability. You know how some fabrics fade in the sun? Paint can do the same. A light tan might seem like a great idea, but will it stand the test of time—and the sun? It’s like choosing a sunscreen; you’ve got to think about long-term protection. So go for high-quality, UV-resistant paint that’ll keep your home looking fabulous year after year.

Tan as a Base Color for Projects with Desired Green Accents

Here’s a tip: Tan makes for an excellent base color if you’re planning to have other green elements, like shutters or garden furniture. It’s like the rice in your sushi roll; it holds everything together but lets the other flavors shine. With tan walls and a green roof, you’ve got the freedom to add all sorts of creative accents.

Feeling the warm vibes already? Tan might just be the color that takes your green roof to the next level. But don’t make up your mind just yet; we’ve got more colorful insights coming up!

Brown and Green: Rustic Elegance

Ah, brown! The color of earth, wood, and chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. If you’re someone who finds comfort in nature’s most organic shades, then pairing brown with a green roof might just be your ticket to a rustic paradise. Let’s take a walk through this woodland-inspired color scheme, shall we?

Brown as a Timeless Complement to Green

Achieving Rustic Elegance with Brown and Green Combinations

Imagine a log cabin set against the backdrop of a lush, evergreen forest. That’s the vibe you’re going for with a brown and green color combo. Brown is the steadfast tree trunk to your green canopy. The two shades together evoke a sense of organic sophistication—like a 5-star resort in the middle of a forest. Inviting, isn’t it?

The Role of Brown in Enhancing the Appeal of Green Shades

When you’re picking out your outfit, a neutral base makes your colorful pieces pop, right? The same logic applies to your home. A brown exterior can make your green roof pop like never before. It’s like adding a touch of mascara to highlight your eyes, or a pinch of salt to bring out the flavors in your dish. Subtle but striking!

Light Brown for an Environmentally Friendly Look

Using Light Brown to Reflect Eco-Friendly Values

Going green isn’t just a color choice; it’s a lifestyle. A light brown exterior with a green roof subtly nods to your eco-friendly ethos. It’s like driving a hybrid car—you’re making a statement without shouting from the rooftops, except, in this case, your rooftop is also making the statement for you!

The Importance of Choosing an Appropriately Light Hue

The key to mastering the light brown and green combo is picking the right shade. You don’t want to go so light that it looks beige or so dark that it looks like mud. It’s like cooking pasta; you want it al dente—just right. Remember, it’s all about balance.

So, is brown the new black for you? Or are you still itching to explore more options? Keep reading, because we’re not done unraveling the color wheel yet!

Bold and Balanced: Green Roofs with Light Pink Accents

Ready to turn heads and make your neighbors do a double-take? If you’re feeling a little daring, how about adding light pink accents to your green-roofed home? Yeah, I said it. Pink and green. Together. Let’s dive into why this daring combo can be just the eye-catching detail your home needs!

Making Green Roofs Pop with Bold Accents

Using Bold Colors Like Pink to Enhance the Impact of Green Roofing

You know that exhilarating feeling when you put a slice of sharp cheddar on a green apple? That’s the kind of surprising but delightful combination we’re talking about here. Green can be calming and subdued, but pair it with a pop of pink, and bam! Your house becomes a masterpiece of contrast and surprise. Think of it as adding a sequin pillow to a monochrome couch—it’s unexpected but oh-so-chic.

The Subtle Confidence Conveyed by Green and Pink Combinations

Don’t underestimate the power of color to convey mood and personality. A green roof with light pink accents tells the world you’re confident and imaginative, yet tasteful. It’s like wearing red lipstick to a business meeting; bold but professional.

Tasteful Use of Pink as an Accent Color

Striking the Right Balance with Pink as an Accent Color

The trick to pulling off this daring combination is moderation. Pink should be the cilantro in your guacamole, not the avocado—too much and you’ll overwhelm the senses. Maybe try pink shutters or a pink front door. The key is to let the pink accentuate, not dominate.

Avoiding Overuse for a Polished Look

Just like you wouldn’t wear a belt, shoes, a bag, and a hat all in the same shade of pink, you don’t want to go overboard with pink on your home’s exterior. Let the pink be the cherry on top, the final flourish that completes the look without stealing the show.

Ready to go bold or still craving more options? Don’t worry, there are plenty more colors on the palette, so stick around!

Ivory and Green: A Fresh and Natural Look

Looking for something that screams ‘fresh’ but still feels like home? Ivory could be your color. It’s softer than white but still bright enough to make your home feel like a breath of fresh air. Could this be the blend you’ve been dreaming of? Let’s find out!

The Allure of Ivory with Green Metal Roofs

How Ivory Complements Green Metal Roofing

Imagine freshly fallen snow on a field of sprouting grass. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? Ivory and green bring the same calm, serene vibes to your home. When paired with a green metal roof, ivory walls can make your home look almost ethereal. It’s like pairing a classic white shirt with a pop of colorful jewelry—simple but effective.

Creating a Fresh and Natural Appearance with Ivory and Green

Have you ever wondered why spas often use shades of green and soft whites in their decor? It’s because these colors evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. By painting your house ivory and combining it with a green roof, you can turn your home into your own personal sanctuary. Think of it as a zen garden, but on a much larger scale.

The Harmony of Cream Walls and Green Tin Roofs

The Calming and Peaceful Atmosphere of an Ivory House

The blend of cream walls and green tin roofs creates a harmonious, peaceful atmosphere. It’s like a vanilla latte for your eyes—warm, soothing, and utterly comforting. This color combination can make even the busiest of homes feel like a tranquil retreat.

Coordinating Interior Decor with the Exterior Color Scheme

With an exterior this gorgeous, you’ll want your interior to keep up, right? Cream walls and green accents inside your home can create a seamless transition from the outdoors in. It’s like serving a farm-to-table meal; everything feels cohesive and natural.

Ivory and green—a match made in heaven or not quite your thing? Either way, the journey through the color wheel isn’t over yet. Let’s keep the adventure going!

Striking Purple and Green Combinations

Ready to make a dramatic entrance? If you’re the type who’s unafraid to make bold design choices, combining green and purple might just be your jam. Purple is the color of royalty, luxury, and a little bit of mystery. Pair it with a green roof, and you’re looking at a home that’s not just a residence but a statement. Intrigued? Let’s unfold this regal pairing!

Purple and Green: A Striking Visual Pair

The Appeal of Deep Purple and Dark Green Combinations

Imagine the sumptuousness of a velvet gown set against an emerald backdrop. That’s the kind of luxe aesthetic a deep purple and green combo can offer. You’re not just painting your home; you’re dressing it up for a black-tie event every single day! It’s a red carpet look that invites second glances and admiring stares. Opulent much?

Achieving a Sense of Calm and Serenity with Purple

Yes, purple can be dramatic, but it also brings a calming energy. It’s like the cool-down phase of your workout; intense but soothing. The combination of green and purple can evoke a similar sense of calm and luxury, like staying in a 5-star resort that also feels like home. A paradox? Perhaps. Aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely.

Purple’s Significance in Style and Sophistication

Exploring the Trendiness of Purple in Design

Just like the little black dress in fashion, purple in home design is evergreen. It’s always stylish, always in vogue. A home with purple walls and a green roof is the architectural equivalent of a fashion-forward individual—always a step ahead, never a follower.

Purple as a Symbol of Royalty, Luxury, and Sophistication

Purple has long been a symbol of luxury and sophistication. In medieval times, only royals could afford it. Fast forward to today, and it’s still a color that says you appreciate the finer things in life. When paired with a green roof, you’re not just a homeowner; you’re practically royalty. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, are you ready to ascend your throne with a purple and green home, or are there more colors in the spectrum catching your eye? Keep scrolling, the colorful journey continues!

Alice Blue: Adding Life to Green Spaces

Ready to dip your toes into something a little different? How about pairing that green roof with a splash of Alice blue? This color isn’t just for fairy tales; it can breathe a new level of vibrancy into your home. Don’t believe me? Let’s dive in and explore how Alice blue can add life to your green spaces.


We’ve navigated through the color wheel, swiped through paint swatches, and maybe even gotten a little lost in daydreams of our perfect homes. Choosing the right paint color for a house with a green roof is no small feat, but who says it can’t be fun? In this final section, we’ll recap our vibrant journey and leave you with some parting thoughts to make your decision a little easier.

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